Second day of “Erasmus+”. Presentations

The second day has just begun and we were all excited about what is going to happen next. The students came to school to show their presentations. Everyone came to the hall and the event  started with the main coordinators of Lithuania: our wonderful English teacher Ieva Ivanauskaitė, helpful psychologist Gintarė Daubarienė and IT master Andrius Chmieliauskas. They all introduced the schedule of the day and wished the best for our students from different areas of Europe.

The first came on the stage the Italian group. They presented the topic, called: “Meaning of the angular coefficient and it‘s determination“.  

After a good and full of examples presentation, on the stage came the Bulgarian group. They talked about:“Graph of square function“.

Later on, it was very nice to listen to Macedonian presentation, which was called: “Area of geometric shapes“.

Later on, we had a coffee break. The students had a chance to taste traditional Lithuanian dessert called “Šakotis“. Relaxed and full of energy, students came back to the hall, to listen to the last presentations.

To the stage had came Turkish delegation. They showed us an informative video about: “Statistics and probability“.

Last, but not least came Lithuanians to present their theme:“Symmetry in Lithuanian folk ornaments“.


We took an interview from  several people of the project participants.

Firstly, we talked with Martina from Italy. She was suprised about the rules in Lithuania, which are different from Italy’s. Martina is joyful about staying with the Lithuanian family. She describes them as kind and welcoming people.

Ivona from Macedonia was satisfied about Lithuanian architecture. She was surprised about the fast-changing Lithuanian weather. Ivona said that: “During the day it‘s sunny, during the night-it‘s thunderstorm“. She was happy to have the opportunity to taste “Šakotis“.

Nikol from Bulgaria said that she wasn‘t surprised about the weather changes, as it was the same as in her country. Nikol came here without knowing, what Lithuania is. Although, she was impressed about Lithuania Nikol said, that her Lithuanian family made her feel like home.

Ifan from Turkey mentioned that he likes his Lithuanian family a lot. Also, he said that the very first information about our country he got was from his host.

Every student from various countries were surprised about our nature: they really enjoyed the nature’s beauty, that was full of green nature, for example, green trees . Each of them enjoyed the time they spend with their project family.

Although, this day was full of hard work, on which each of the project participants had to show their best in the math lessons., but we think that students had a wonderful time while listening to presentations or making them. We are extremely happy that our country is being visited by such great students from Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey!

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