First Day of the project “Erasmus+”. Opening Ceremony

Sveiki! Ciao! Merhaba! Здравейте! Здраво!

The Project “Erasmus +“ finally had started and we can‘t wait to tell you all the news about our students from different countries. Let‘s start!

On Monday all the students came to school with their friends from various parts of Europe. Some of them were a bit shy, but everyone‘s faces were filled with joy. There were some beautiful pictures taken near the photo wall, for us to remember the day.

The opening ceremony started by a speech from the school‘s headmistress Virginija Emilija Navickienė. Also, Gabrielius Landsbergis from Seimas sent everyone his wishes so that the Project would be successful. In the audience, you could see Abdulhakim Altunkaya, the Third Secretary of Turkey Embassy in Republic of Lithuania. Afterwards,  a speech was spoken by Jurgita Sviderskienė, a representative of the institute of Italian culture. Later on, the teachers from Italy, Macedonia, Turkey and Bulgaria introduced their homeland by showing us some films.

Also, a big impression was left by Lithuanian students, who sang, played with an instrument called Baltic Psaltery and our wonderful teachers, who sang a traditional Lithuanian folk song.

After presentations of the countries, we had some free time to explore Vilnius Užupis gymnasium building and we could see a marvellous panoramic view from the Bekešas hill.

Later on, we had a delicious lunch at the school canteen as well as a tour around Užupis and Vilnius Old Town. It was a warm and sunny day.  Students from separate places of Europe could see lovely areas of Vilnius, such as: “The Užupis Arts incubator“, “The Gates of  Dawn“, “Vilnius University“, “Presidential Palace“, “The Cathedral“ and many more.

Although,  some students felt tired, but all of them got some good experience, learned a lot and were happy about the opportunity to visit our country. We can‘t wait to see, what‘s awaiting for us!

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