Erasmus+ in Berkovitsa, Bulgaria


We marked the start of this project in Berkovitsa with the Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, Turkey and Macedonia’s presentations of their schools and countries. Even if there were some technical difficulties here and there, but we can agree that presentations overall were great! 
Also, we ate lunch, which was traditional Bulgarian dish “Musaka”. 
We hope for even more learning to come.



Today we went to Ledenika cave and Vratsa. The narrow, slippery paths in the cave were unforgettable as well as the beautiful mountain near Vratsa.



Today we taught eachother our countries’ literature by analysing or even comparing two books. Countries mostly used powtoon, but there were people that used moovly and socrative for evaluation.
Then came the exciting part of the day where we learned different folklore songs and dances as well as we had an opportunity to participate in a dance together!
Also we worked in groups, analysed different pieces by drawing. I can’t wait for the drawing results tomorrow!



Today is the last day in Berkovitsa. We showed our drawings and matched the names of books to the groups, that analysed those texts yesterday. After that we went to Klisurki Monastery and saw how christening is done in Bulgaria.
Lastly we had a closing ceremony, where we got our certificates, ate lots of great food, danced and of course had lots of fun.



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